• Tradewinds

    Open every Wednesday from 2 - 8 pm; Sundays from 8:30 - 9:15am; and 11:30 - 12:15;
  • Monte Vistan

    Enjoy reading and perusing the Monte Vistan that outlines many features of Monte Vista.
  • OnLine Giving

    You can now give your tithe online.

Welcome to Monte Vista Online

We are glad to share this information with you about Monte Vista and invite you to take advantage of the opportunities you learn about from reading through our website. We offer a wide variety of ministries for all age groups that are designed to meet the needs of contemporary Christian Living. Of course, there is much more to Monte Vista than what you'll find here. As you come to know us, you will discover a special family. It is composed of people who have a heart for God, a love for one another, and a commitment to ministry. We would sincerely like you to be a part of this family too. If you have questions, or would like for someone to get in touch with you, please send us an email through the form below, or call our church office. We will be waiting to hear from you. Jerry Mantooth, Senior Pastor
Come Join us at MVBC, Maryville. We are a family that joins together to make a difference in the world for Christ.
Come join us as we learn together about Jesus and serve him in the community.
Come and Adore Him!

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